CloudQuadrants is an initiative and collaboration of Arthur’s Legal B.V. and Weolcan B.V.

This collaboration combines strategic, business, legal, technical and analytical knowledge on cloud technology, cloud services and related documentation, including without limitation cloud SLAs. The ultimate goal of CloudQuadrants is to support prospective and current cloud customers, cloud architects and business consultants in making or evaluating an informed decision for a certain cloud landscape, ecosystem and related CSPs.

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About Us:

Arthurs Legal is a tech law firm by design, located in Amsterdam. Founded in 2001, Arthur’s Legal specializes in global, client-tailored proactive legal services focusing on Innovation, Tech, Digital & Impact. For instance, Arthur's Legal is member of the European Committee Cloud Select Industry Group on cloud computing & SLA's (C-SIG SLA), co-author of the EC Cloud SLA Standardisation Guidelines, co-contributor to ISO norms such as ISO/IEC 19086, co-author of Privacy Level Agreement 2.0, member of the EC's Alliance IoT Innovation (AIOTI), and consortium partner to DG Connect H2020 projects, SLA Ready (on cloud computing, SLOs & SLAs) and CREATE IoT (on IoT, data value ecosystems, cybersecurity, data protection, accountability and liability).

Weolcan is an independent cloud consultancy firm offering support to organisations during their transition to become a digital enterprise. To do so we help customers to formulate a Digital or Cloud Strategy and select and implement the right Cloud Solutions to fulfil that strategy. Finally we offer our Cloud Services to manage whatever we have implemented so the customer can stay focused on their core business. Thus we automate the automation and by using the latest cloud technologies we create business value for our customers and accelerate their innovation.

CloudQuadrants is driving common understanding of cloud SLAs with greater transparency and higher maturity so organisations can make a well-informed decision on what cloud services to use, what to expect and what to trust.