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Insufficient information and lack of transparency currently are barriers to generate the tipping point, expand the growth and fire up the potential of cloud.

Either way, getting to the bottom of an SLA is a time-consuming task, especially as it is common to compare multiple CSPs before taking a decision. Analysing cloud SLAs from A to Z is also cumbersome, since each CSPs uses their own definitions. It is almost as if CSPs may wish to keep its legal documentation less transparent than the cloud service customers wish for.

CloudQuadrants has done independent, extensive research which scrutinizes the various maturity levels and content of SLAs of twelve widely used national and international Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) CSPs. 

Cloudquadrant research is intended to help identify maturity levels & make transparent potential risks associated with cloud services. Other service models (PaaS, SaaS, XaaS) will be reported about in seperate reports, workshops and events.

The initial research is focussed on those in the Netherlands. These include four (4) CSPs of Dutch origin, and six (6) CSPs of American origin, being the ones set below.

This research compares the IaaS SLAs of these CSPs on the basis of the Cloud SLA Standardisation Guidelines of the European Commission (Standardisation Guidelines).

With the help of these guidelines and the expertise of CloudQuadrants, more than seventy (70) metrics, attributes, service level objectives, cloud document user interfaces and other basic requirements benchmark and evaluate the different IaaS SLAs. The results are various quadrants presenting the relative position of each CSP.

The Executive Summary of this CloudQuadrants IaaS research, which is made available for free on this website, gives you a sneak peek into the results that can be found in the full report of this CloudQuadrants IaaS research, which can be purchased on this website for a modest financial contribition.

CloudQuadrants combines strategic, business, legal, technical and analytical knowledge on cloud technology, cloud services and related documentation, including without limitation cloud SLAs. The ultimate goal of CloudQuadrants is to support prospective and current cloud customers, cloud architects and business consultants in making or evaluating an informed decision for a certain cloud landscape, ecosystem and related CSPs.

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CloudQuadrants is driving common understanding of cloud SLAs with greater transparency and higher maturity so organisations can make a well-informed decision on what cloud services to use, what to expect and what to trust.