Equal percentages are equal, right? Tick the box, correct? Unfortunately not. In both the current IT-outsourced agreement and SLAs as well as cloud Services Agreement and SLAs, assess what 99,95% availability means to 10 vendors, and you will get exactly 10 totally different outcomes.

The same goes for other service level objectives, attributes, metrics, measurement and remedy arrangements.

CloudQuadrants provides services to help you:

(A) to identify, make transparent, assess and consider what kind of cloud services are wished-for, required and available;

(B) to help you make a well-informed decisions on what to use, what to expect and what to trust;

(C) to negotiate out the related cloud services and cloud service levels arrangements and documentation, and;

(D) to implement and monitor the procured cloud services and related change management.

CloudQuadrants Services can be segmented in the following, multidisciplinary categories:

(1) Workshops;

(2) Additional Research Services;

(3) Consultancy Services, including the services set above, as well as other strategic, tactical, architectural, cybersecurity, business, negotiation, deal making, compliance, regulatory, awareness and change management services, and;

(4) Training & Awareness Services, regarding one or more the above mentioned topics.

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CloudQuadrants is driving common understanding of cloud SLAs with greater transparency and higher maturity so organisations can make a well-informed decision on what cloud services to use, what to expect and what to trust.

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