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Microsoft Azure IaaS Deep Dive Session: 'I Agree'. We have all, at some point while online, clicked on that button. But what you are agreeing to? And what if you are procuring cloud that are essential to your organisation? CloudQuadrants has done research on the maturity level of 12 IaaS CSP SLAs. 15 March 2016, we will deep dive into those of Microsoft Azure. So you actually know what you are agreeing to, should avoid/amend or seek alternatives to fit your goals. Send us a note if you would like to join this session (first come first served).

This Deep Dive Session dives into the world of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service and its Service Level Objectives (SLOs), the way the MS Azure SLA and its other documentation and (for instance ISO) standards that MS Azure is certified for works, the pitfalls and other items to be aware of, and how to avoid those where possible.

IaaS is of course quite important to most companies and organisations, as now or in the future will have their platform or service running on IaaS. It is not only interesting to know how to procure IaaS and how to architect it, but the customers of the members will want to know and understand how the member has procured and organized its value chain. The SLA of MS Azure has been updated in January 2016, and we will discuss that version and the changes made in that recent version as well. Besides, we will also discuss what the peers of MS Azure are doing in order to do some comparitative analysis on the Please note that the event will be held in Dutch.

 This 'Deep Dive Sessie Microsoft Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service' will be on Tuesday 15 March 2016, with the following programme:

16.00                  Open for registration

16.30                  Start

16.30 - 18.00     Deep Dive Microsoft Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service

18.00 - 19.00     Networking Drinks

This session is organized by CloudQuadrants. CloudQuadrants is an initiative and collaboration of Arthur's Legal B.V. and Weolcan B.V.

The venue is Emmalaan 21, Amsterdam. This session is upon invitation only, and registration is on a first-register-first-come basis. Seats are limited. A modest contribution is asked of EUR 75, exclusive VAT.



Connected Future Conference, Eindhoven: Bart Veldhuis, Cloud Architect of Weolcan, and Arthur van der Wees, Managing Director of Arthur's Legal spoke about the CloudQuadrants Maturity Levels linked to Cloud Standardisation and IaaS SLAs. October 2015.

Giarte Outsourcing Performance Day 2015, Bussum: Bart Veldhuis, Cloud Architect of Weolcan, spoke about CloudQuadrants, Cloud SLA Maturity Levels, and the CloudQuadrants Quadrants of IaaS SLAs. October 2015. Presentation can be found here.

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CloudQuadrants is an initiative and collaboration of Arthur’s Legal B.V. and Weolcan B.V.

CloudQuadrants is driving common understanding of cloud SLAs with greater transparency and higher maturity so organisations can make a well-informed decision on what cloud services to use, what to expect and what to trust.

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